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A technological breakthrough in progress: Cousin Grasshopper with one ear imbued with real (well, beeswax) cartilage and the other still fuzzy, and many of his menagerie-mates enjoying their upgraded ears in the background. The trick was invented for the Pygmy Shrews, perfected with the Mini Mousies, and tested on the latest Chipmunk, at which point the rest of the local menagerie squeaked and whimpered for a share of the upgrade. As noted under “What’s New,” it’s also available to any of the Salamander’s offspring who can make their own way back to the felting bench and home again.

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Welcome to the Salamander Feltworks, where fiber and imagination blend to bring a world to life via the craft of needle felting backed up by wire sculpture. Needle felting takes advantage of wool’s natural tooth — the little flanges along each fiber that make it want to hold on to its own kind — to build solid structures out of fluffy wisps. The wire sculpture creates flexible steel armatures that make it possible to pose the creatures and capture the appearance of arrested motion. For more on the process, see In the Workshop.

Is there a creature in your heart or home that you’d like to see and keep in felt? A pet? A mythological or heraldic beast? Something from a song or dream or story? E-mail the Salamander and describe what you have in mind. The Salamander may help it come alive for you....